Alexander Arms® Tactical Bow-Style Trigger
Alexander Arms® single-stage Tactical complete trigger kit with traditional style trigger bow and skeletonized hammer for use in small pin (0.154") receivers. The kit is TDC coated, is adjustable for engagement and over-travel, and is not adjustable for pull weight. The pull weight is approximately five pounds, but may be slightly less or more with any individual kit. You may view the installation instructions for this trigger kit here on our web site. Additional details and specifications are listed in the Additional Info section.
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This Tactical trigger kit has been designed specifically for field use and does not share a common heritage with a target trigger. For this reason, it is not recommended for target-type shooting, although it may be used with some success in this discipline. The trigger is basically a single stage unit with a bushing mounted disconnector, which is adjustable for engagement and over-travel while the pull weight and disconnector engagement are fixed to ensure durability during hard use and inclement environments.

The pull weight of roughly four to six pounds allows manipulation of the trigger with gloves while minimizing the possibility of discharging a round unexpectedly in the manner of a target trigger. In extreme cold conditions, the trigger can still be used with mitts with the trigger guard pivoted down, although this is not recommended. The pull weight is not optional.

The unit is manufactured from an S7 type tool steel and is through-hardened to provide a durable base. The surface is chrome-plated using a technique that creates a dense finish and a surface hardness in excess of 72 HRC. This surface provides durability for the trigger in adverse conditions and, hence, the surfaces on both the trigger and the hammer should not be further polished or honed.

The finish for this product is matte black due to the color and texture of Ion Bond's protective coating. The finish is not optional.

Weight (may be approximate): 0.50 lb. / Each

Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.00 x 1.50 x 1.50 in.
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