U-GRENINC - 6.5 Grendel 16" Incursion Complete Upper Assembly
Rating:5 / 5 - 5 - Excellent
Owned Product for:less than 1 year
Pros:Quick upper exchange to an insane accurate rifle! I shoot to 1600 yds w/ sniper rifles. This little 16" out-shot my high end Montana mountain rifle with a bolt action and 22" sporter barrel in .308 all the way out to 400 yds. VERY ACCURATE! Off hand hits at 100 yds cake on 12"x12" STEEL!
Cons:This upper seems to have difficulty cycling the longer 129gr. Hornady SST, while the 123 gr. SST cycled flawlessly in ALL magazines! It seemed to be due to the soft tip AND the extra length, as the shorter 123gr. SST was fine with soft tips and a box of barnes cycled flawlessly which has a longer COAL but not the soft tip!
Other thoughts:Fantastic product that EXCEEDS my expectations!