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R-300-16-ST- 300 AAC - Complete Rifle

Picatinny flat-top railed receiver with carbine-length gas system, free-floated G10 composite handguard, Picatinny railed gas block, AAC Blackout 51T flash hider, M4 stock, semi-automatic military-style trigger, and a 16-inch, tightly-dimensioned, 416 stainless steel, 1:8 twist, fluted barrel. Muzzle threading is 5/8-24. Upper receiver features extended feed ramps. Stock extension tubes and carrier gas keys are properly staked. This weapon will fire both supersonic and subsonic ammunition. This product ships in a soft carry bag with one complimentary 30-round CAA polymer magazine, unless prohibited by local or state law, where the product will ship with no magazine included.


Price: $ 1,980.00 / Each

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  Handguard Upgrade - Please select a handguard upgrade. For additional details, you may click the name of each upgrade option.
No Upgrade
Options Image MK10 Handguard, Carbine-Length (M-MK10PCL) (+ $ 156.20)
Options Image MK10 Handguard, Mid-Length (M-MK10PML) (+ $ 156.20)
Options Image MK10 Handguard, Rifle-Length (M-MK10PRL) (+ $ 156.20)
Options Image MK10 Handguard, Extended-Length (M-MK10PXL) (+ $ 156.20)
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  Stock Upgrades - Please select a stock upgrade
No Upgrade
Magpul Complete Black CTR Carbine Stock (M-MAGCTR) (+ $ 166.10)
Vltor Enhanced Modstock with Accessory Compartment (+ $ 216.65)
Mags LLC Enhanced Fixed Stock (M-EFX-A1) (+ $ 87.95)
Empty Image
  Trigger Upgrade - Please select a trigger upgrade
No Upgrade
Options Image Alexander Arms® Tactical Blade Trigger (M-TACTTRIG (+ $ 203.50)
Options Image Geissele SSA® Trigger (M-GEISSSA) (+ $ 231.00)
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  California Bullet Button - Please select the bullet button installation if you live in California
California Bullet Button Installation (M-AR15BB) (+$ 20.85)
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  Camo Upgrades - Select a camo upgrade

Camo upgrades require a non-refundable $300.00 deposit. Buyers not using a credit card are required to prepay this amount. Please contact us for details.

No Upgrade
Options Image Skulls (CAMO-WTP445SKU) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Muddy Girl (CAMO-WTP529MGC) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Kryptek Nomad (CAMO-WTP709KN) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Kryptek Yeti (CAMO-WTP628KY) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Winter White (CAMO-WTP504PWW) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Reaper Z (CAMO-WTP581RZ) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Reaper Black (CAMO-WTP486SK) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image DCS A-Tacs (CAMO-WTP452DCS) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image King's Snow Shadow (CAMO-WTPKSS) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Next Vista (CAMO-WTP380NCV) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Backland West (CAMO-WTP331BW) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Winter Mimicry (CAMO-WTP266MWM) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Snow Ghost (CAMO-WTP247PSG) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Spring Leaf (CAMO-WTP209SL) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Tru Woods (CAMO-WTP206TRUW) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Carbon Fiber (CAMO-WTP132CF) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Skullworks on Black (CAMO-WTP599RB) (+ $ 330.00)
Options Image Skullworks on White (CAMO-WTP599WH) (+ $ 330.00)
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  Free T-shirt - Please select a size for your free Alexander Arms logo t-shirt. If the selected size is not available, the next largest available size will be shipped.
Please Select...
Options Image X-Large Women's ( - Free!!! )
Options Image Large Women's ( - Free!!! )
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All Alexander Arms® rifles are fully-complete, function-tested, and ready to fire.

This product features a flash hider that is prohibited in states such as New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. At this time, no upgrade options or alternate muzzle devices are available. The standard, high-capacity magazines included with the rifle are prohibited in states that have high-capacity magazine restrictions. Alternate magazines are not available at this time. Orders placed from any of these states will be shipped without the complimentary magazines.

Scope is not included. Product is pictured with optional MK10 carbine-length handguard. Standard handguard is a non-vented, composite handguard.

This item must ship to an FFL-holder. A signed photocopy of the current FFL of the dealer to receive delivery of this item must be received by us within a reasonable amount of time of the date of your order. The shipping address of the order should be that of the dealer as seen on the dealer's FFL.

Weight (may be approximate): 6.25 lb. / Each
Dimensions (LxWxH): 37.00 x 3.00 x 5.00 in.
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   Did you choose the MK10 handguard upgrade? - Rail sections are sold separately and individually. Don't forget your MK10 handguard rail sections!
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MK10 3
MK10 3" Picatinny Rail Section for MK10 Handguard
Alexander Arms® MK10 3" Picatinny rail section for attachment to MK10 handguards. Includes one rail section and two Allen head screws. This part is designed specifically for use with our MK10 handguard.
Price: $ 27.45

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